Business Areas

  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • 01

    Electronics &

    Turning PDP fluorescent material (2-4㎛) into nano particles (300-600㎛) can increase PDP picture quality (clarity) by 30 times.

    With this, electronics such as mobile phones and laptop computer can be made smaller, lighter, and sturdier.

    It can overcome the technological limitations of the electronics and semiconductor industries.

  • 02

    Energy Industry

    Applying the nano technology to the currently hot alternative energy, solar power, hydrogen storage alloys, fuel cell among others enables it to make various high-efficiency, high-performance, and better advanced products.

  • Energy Industry
  • Construction / Cement Industry
  • 03

    Construction /
    Cement Industry

    It can build slimmer buildings that withstand cracks and concrete structures that demonstrate excellent thermal resistance, thus building sturdier high-rises.

  • 04

    Space / Aviation,
    Steel Industry

    It can make diverse-ranging new nano steel materials with various special functions eyeing industries such as space, aviation, shipbuilding, and automobile.

  • Space / Aviation, Steel Industry
  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 05

    Biotechnology /
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    It can make substances that completely cures intractable diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Opening the door to a long healthy life will greatly contribute to humankind.

    Upgrading all existing pharmaceutical materials to the nano level can maximize therapeutic effects even with a smaller intake. Its application to oral care, skin care, and injection drugs will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

  • 06

    Cosmetics Industry

    Pretty soon, humankind will transition from the era of chemical cosmetics to the era of natural cosmetics, which involves highly functional nano ingredients created out of natural vegetables. Then, we can make cosmetics that seldom incur peel-off and cosmetics that allow various vibrant natural nutrients to be absorbed deep into the skin.

  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Agrofishery Food, Livestock Industry
  • 07

    Agrofishery Food,
    Livestock Industry

    Nano production of various grains such as rice, soy, Job’s tears can ensure the intake of 100% of their nutrition and steers clear of any wasted ingredients (only 3% to 10% in bioavailability in the micron size as before).

    As it enables absorption of all the nutrients, including vitamins and fiber of fruits and vegetables, abalone, and starfish among others, bioavailability can be maximized.

  • Other Industrial Materials
  • 08

    Other Industrial

    It is an advanced technology that brings revolutionary changes to our life from paper industry that makes paper with various properties to advanced textile products that incorporate various functions (such as health and industrial uses), plastics that can withstand high temperatures, paints that seldom peel off, and parts that go into aircraft and spacecraft.